We are a Bluffton, Indiana 501(C)3 car club started in 2021.  Our name is a play on starting too fast and the fact that we are always broke from pouring money into our cars.  We spelled Ax-oles this way to signify that car people can sometimes be hard to live with.  We host one main show a year at Family Ford and a monthly show at Arby's in Bluffton the 1st Thursday of each month from May to October.  The money we raise goes to our annual charity event "Cruisin 4 Christmas".  We enjoy driving our classics to shows together, club meetings, club parties and the fellowship of others in the Wells County area who enjoy classic and antique vehicles.  Our membership is all ages and have we a variety of antiques, classics, hot rods, and muscle cars.  Check out our RIDES page.  Good or bad, you join the family when you become an Axole.